Miikey Miipower Mini 2200

Miikey Miipower Mini 2200

Ultra-compact MiiPower Mini is an accessory that won’t let your iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other device
run out of battery. This small yet power-packed device can keep your gadgets charged via USB cable,
including smart phones, cameras, and many other hand held gaming consoles. This amazing MiiPower
Mini can be used as a home or car charger. MiiPower Mini comes with 2 different wires so not only you
can charge iPhone X but anything that uses Micro USB. In this way, all your digital devices will never face
dead-battery issues when having MiiPower Mini in your pocket, car, or home. The device is that sleek, it
can easily be slipped into one of your pockets increasing your Phone's battery up to double. Its smart
design makes it easy to carry and easy to use!
It’s time to go ahead and digitalize your life in most affordable way, as Amazon is now giving you a
chance of nabbing Miikey Miipower Mini 2200 with the discount of $3. With its light weight and small
size, it's ideal for the man-on- the-go or anyone else. Being out of battery is now a thing of the past.
MiiPower Mini can effortlessly charge your iPhone 100% within 90 minutes. Whether you are on your
way to work or going to some adventure, with Miikey Miipower Mini 2200 it’s convenient to surf the net
as much as you like. The device friendly allow you to play games a little longer or simply call someone
without worrying about your battery life.
And never worry again while listening to music or watching a movie, surfing web that you will be out of
battery. MiiPower Mini uses high stable switch power and single-chip power management scheme to
control its intelligent circuit, it’s ABS+PC and top cell are made with anti-flaming hull. This impecable
device can be used for over 500 battery recycles. An ultra-compact 2200 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion
polymer battery has all the powers to double the battery life of your iPod or iPhone. And, special high-
output battery allows ultra-fast charging to keep phones and devices charged all the time.
Impressive features
 Built-in car plug
 Comes with Apple’s Lightning cable
 Double protection circuit design
 Perfect appearance and neat design
 Comes with Micro USB cable
 Built-in home charger
 High capacity 2200 mAh internal battery
 Multi-functional charging adapter
 Small and stylish
 Intelligent LED power display
Specifications that make this device an ultimate choice:
 Battery capacity: 2200 mAhInput
 voltage: AC 90-240V / DC 12V
 Input current: 1000 mAh
 Output voltage: DC 5V
 Output current: 600-1000 mAh
 Input charging time: 2-3 hours


7 Ultimate Tips To Purchase Headphones That You Never Regret

7 Ultimate Tips To Purchase Headphones That You Never Regret
Arguably, there are many elements that affect the sound you hear using headphones. While picking the headphones most of us have plenty of thoughts and questions in mind as we aren’t sure which one will work best to meet our music needs. Selection of perfect headphones is as important as we pay attention while purchasing the device they’re plugged into.
Unfortunately, often it seems that you need an audio engineer to help you in getting the right headphones. However, it’s just the matter of putting a little research to get done with amazing audio quality with the right mix of price tag and listening features.
Before you pick a new pair, here we have listed down a few tips to take the stress out of your mind when purchasing the one.
Think about when You Gonna Use Them
The foremost thing that you should ask yourself is what you will be using the headphones for. Are you looking for a pair that you will be taking to the gym for workout? Will they stay balled up in your messenger bag? Will you be hooking them up to a hi-fi stereo for intense listening? Or will they accompany you on international plane trips?
Once you will have a clear answer and understanding what you want headphones for will perhaps influence number of other factors that will help you for better while picking the right item.
Setting the Budget is a Must (and stick to it)
When you are a gadget geek, headphone search can easily make a big dent in your wallet, for sure. So, you first need to do some real research getting sense for the price ranges on models that amazingly desirable to you. And actually spending a fortune on an expensive set of cans that easily gets sweaty when used during workouts doesn’t make sense. However, if your search is for the one that can go really well without making your workout time a fuss, then get your hand on Miikey MiiSport Grey Wireless Bluetooth headphones. They are specially designed for the peep who are gym freaks and these wireless headphones are what you would love to have!
Tech industry usually runs on the principle that goes like: you get what you pay for! So, make sure that you are choosing the right item. So, when you are in need of a basic pair to listen music on the way, go for the price point that is much lower. On the other hand, if you want a product that focuses more on quality and audio fidelity, expect to serve money out accordingly. And then there are people who want to break the bank, don’t worry! There are some companies who will let you order earphones custom-fitted to your ears and they will charge you huge.
The great news is that for any combination of headphone traits a user wants to go for, they can find a budget option. They only need to know and focus on their upper limit before hitting the stores.
Over-ear vs. on-ear vs. in-ear.
This can be a question of comfort. People often hate buds that settled in their ears, while others feel that over-ear cans are way too heavy when using them over long periods of time. In case, if you haven’t ever used both styles, don’t shy asking around among your friends for the better option. And it will be the best thing if they could loan you as a trial run.
However, on a technical side, the key difference among these styles is the sound quality. Cheap earbuds are may be portable, but as per their fitting and placement in the ear, users will miss out on a lot of bass notes. Some in-ear models are now designed using advancements to allow users to have an improved audio experience and better fit, but few will be able to match the sound of the bigger styles. Wisely choose the ones that are best to fit your needs.
Do you Need Noise-Cancellation?
Noise-cancellation is a must when you are in need the headphones for subway commutes or long flights. Possibly, you just want to save ears from some pain by blocking outside noises, instead cranking up the volume. It’s a feature that can be easily found in MiiSport C wireless Bluetooth headphones. Although, these over-ear wireless designs with amazing sound quality are successful in terms of price and technicalities.
What’s with Wireless?
Another option that is worth considering, and its wireless. Typically for people who do a lot of listening on the go and want flexibility, the feasibility to untether from wires has a large demand. And when it’s about wireless headphones so get Miikey Miipower Mini 2200 that is available with $3 savings and new advances with Bluetooth. The advancements have made it possible to achieve solid sound quality with this model.
Brand isn’t Everything (for most people)
Number of brands lead the market for exceptional headphones that are an asset for a tech geek. For example, Beats by Dre boasts serious celebrity backing, and Bose has legitimate scientific credentials, both of them also have the price tags to match. Brand is really going to be a major aspect for buyers who want to get as near to a surround-sound stereo experience as possible. These audiophiles most probably have a number of brands in mind already, which are: Sennheiser and Grado, both are usually on the top of the lists for both price and quality.
The great number of shoppers shouldn’t put too much stock in the particular company that’s making headphones. Specifically, when you are seeking out for the best quality with most affordable price range, stay eager to explore the less obvious choices. However, big tech companies like Sony to Yamaha to Panasonic, they all produce great headphones that are easily available in the market. On the contrary, many other audio specialist brands offer reasonable price tags on great headphones.
Sound with Style
Once you’ve decided what most important factors you are going to consider and you have multiple choices within your budget, now go giving edge to the ones that look hot and attractive. Especially, when headphones are a major part of your everyday life, appearances surely matter a tiny bit. You can go picking a color or a design that speaks much about your style and class.


T0P 6 THINGS SMART TRAVELERS DO TO MAKE THEIR JOURNEYS MEMORABLE Discovering new places, exploring them and travelling to their favorite destination are what every individual loves to do. And surely it’s a great pleasure though sometimes it becomes quit difficult too. Complex, exhausting, rewarding and life changing there`s nothing quite like get on a journey. However, the quality of your trip does hinge on how you experience it. So here are 10 things that smart tourists do to make their journeys memorable.
They Challenge Themselves
Leaving your usual range of familiarity can be a test, yet going past your typical limits and getting away ordinariness will open you up to more open doors that will unavoidably affect whatever remains of your life. Indeed, it is alarming to leave the solaces you have become used to, yet the encounters you could have by testing yourself are boundless.
They Travel With People and Things They Connect With
Though many pick the challenging way of voyaging alone, others may feel more secure with some organization. While picking a friend, it’s essential that you have a decent association, generally your adventure together will be plain hopeless. You and your travel pal ought to have tolerance, regard and love for each other, yet in addition the separation to see each of you needs a touch of opportunity to investigate.
And when it comes to things, they love carrying gadgets that won’t make tracking and other activities harder for them. The top most favorite item is wireless headphone that will let them get the pleasure of music while performing some extraordinary activities and when getting relaxed at night after going through hell-fun adventures. If you also want to have some high-quality headphone for your next adventure trip, we have some cool yet affordable options for you. Go and grab any of the mentioned below headphones with saving of $3:
Miikey Miipower Mini 2200
Miikey MiiSport Grey Wireless Bluetooth
MiiSport C wireless Bluetooth headphones
They Know Why They Want To Travel
For the duration of our lives, a significant number of us are informed that we need to venture to the far corners of the planet, yet a significant number of us don’t ask ourselves for what valid reason. For me, setting out is an opportunity to meet and experience other people as we share this Earth in this little section of time. For others, voyaging can be tied in with seeing the excellence the world brings to the table. For what reason would you like to travel? It is safe to say that you are just interested? Would you like to encounter the persistent opportunity of the trip? Do you wish to reveal all the world brings to the table? Consider the reasons you wish to travel and record them. Give them a chance to manual for you on your excursion.
They Prepare
This is plain old, down to earth counsel: don’t take pointless stuff on your outing! Endeavor to make your bag(s) as lightweight and versatile as could be allowed and just pack the fundamentals. On the off chance that you go with an excessive number of effects, not exclusively will it be harder to get around, but at the same time there’s a higher shot of you losing something.
They Respect Their Bodies
Voyaging can be a debilitating knowledge, particularly in case you’re moving each couple of days. All through your journey, you should recollect that despite the fact that the world is immense and you need to see it all, your body will most likely be unable to deal with it. To guarantee you get the most out of your trip, ensure you eat steadily and inspire enough to rest. Keeping up solid propensities will fill you with the vitality important to proceed.
They Go With The Flow
No ifs and on buts it’s shrewd to start your adventure with in any event some kind of plan, regardless of the possibility that it’s only a fundamental course between the areas you need to visit. So, now and again things will happen that you can’t control, and you will essentially need to take the path of least resistance. You may even end up needing to veer off from your schedule. Say, for example, you wish to stay some place somewhat longer than arranged: that is alright! Give the adventure a chance to take you where you need to go and be adaptable.
Hope these tips will help you too, do plan your vacations this year with your loved ones and experience an amazing yet convenient trip at your favorite place.

Miikey MiiSport Grey Wireless Bluetooth

Miikey MiiSport Grey Wireless Bluetooth

MiiKey brings amazingly advanced yet good-looking stereo headphones among all the others available in market or online. With its latest Bluetooth connectivity (Version 4.0), it’s easy-breezy than ever before to get it paired with any of your Bluetooth devices or smart phone. Miikey MiiSport Grey Wireless Bluetooth proudly introduces high definition stereo sound without any cords. Experience natural mid-tones, extended highs, and powerful low, all wirelessly. If you are worried about the price tag, then be at ease as we are offering the price that will let you save $3 on your purchase.
With its deep base, MiiSport Grey Wireless Bluetooth is your personal club-on-the-go. These smart headphones with build-in Bluetooth technology delivers the hi-def musical experience that a musician wants you to hear when it’s produced, so you can enjoy every bit of it. MiiSport Grey 4.0 is the answer to all your musical and communication needs.
MiiSport has Bluetooth version 4.0 that allow these headphones to work from up to 33 feet away from you iPhone or any other Bluetooth device. It’s really one of its kind that will let you get full pleasure of listening all the audios whether it’s music or a voice call with friends or family. Miikey MiiSport Grey 4.0 is the only headphone that has a built-in MP3 player and can be connected via Bluetooth connection. You can easily store up to 7,000 songs with a 32 GB Micro SD card that can be plugged in to Miisport. These advanced Miisport headphones can be connected to two devices at the same time. And this smart pairing will allow you to connect your phone and tablet without having to interchange paring.
With its long lasting battery, you can get ultimate fun of listening to your favorite tracks while you are on your way to any destination. Even on holidays and on adventure trips this can or as your best friend. To get more sweat while working out without having thoughts about the device you are using for music, rely grabbing this MiiSport Grey Wireless Bluetooth as they are sweat-proof.
Built-in microphone
Operation distance: 33 feet
Range of frequency: 2.4 to 2.483 GHZ
Bluetooth version: Version 4.0 + EDR
Built-in Li-Ion battery 300 mAh
Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection
SmartTalk works with Apple’s Siri
Voice prompt lets you know MiiSport’s status
Built-in MP3 player
Built-in microphone for calls
Battery merit on your phone to know battery strength
Long-lasting built-in Li-Ion battery
Supports Micro SD
Multi-connect and Sweat-proof
HD stereo sound
Compatible with any Bluetooth device
What’s in the BOX?
Carry bag
Cleaning cloth
MiiSport Bluetooth Headset
User’s Guide
USB charging cable

MiiSport C wireless Bluetooth headphones

MiiSport C wireless Bluetooth headphones

The new MiiSport C wireless Bluetooth headphones are perfect to use when in need of silencing your critics, no matter wher you are. With these headphones, days of faulty cords and tangled wires are overs. They’re Bluetooth headphones wireless microphone and re-engineered sound, and rechargeable battery. Whether you are heading for an adventure of on a way, these amazing headphones’ Bluetooth stays connected up to 30 feet. And users of these electrifying headphones roam freely, keep the music going or skip songs, take calls, and change the volume right from buttons available on them. Hear what you want, when you want anytime anywhere without taking care of wire that is used to connect headphones to the device.
The flexible wireless Bluetooth 4.0 headphones are designed and created in a way that secure MiiSport C headphones on your ears no matter how rigorous your workout gets. Ear cups of all sizes and sweat-resistant materials keep the wearer comfortable and relaxed, always. And this time, you can purchase MiiSport C wireless Bluetooth headphones with great discount as you can save $3 when getting them from here!
Features that Set MiiSport C wireless Bluetooth headphones Apart from Ordinary Ones:
Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection
Multi-connect and Sweat-proof
HD stereo sound that is electrifying
SmartTalk works with Apple’s Siri
Built-in MP3 player and microphone for calls
Battery merit on your phone to know battery strength
Long-lasting built-in Li-Ion battery
Easily supports Micro SD
Compatible with any Bluetooth device
Voice prompt lets you know MiiSport’s status
MiiSport C has Bluetooth version 4.0 which makes it untroubled to pair these headphones with your device without having codes to enter when pairing them using Bluetooth. And that’s the right way to listen to your favorite music in no time, surprisingly, all wirelessly! MiiSport C can be conveniently connected to two devices at the same time allowing you to connect tablet and phone, both.
Specifications of MiiSport C wireless Bluetooth headphones:
Bluetooth version: Version 4.0 + EDR
Operation distance: 33 feet
Range of frequency: 2.4 to 2.483 GHZ
Built-in Li-Ion battery 300 mAh
Built-in microphone
These hot and eye-catching earphones are available in 6 different colors, which are: red, black, blue, orange, green, and white. Garb the one that goes rigt with your personality.
What Comes Inside the BOX:
MiiSport C Bluetooth headset
USB charging cable
User’s guide

How often do you charge your phone?

How often do you charge your phone? Nothing is more hectic than an off and on charging. Whether you are at your place, office, outing, party, high school or at work; you need a strong battery life and a good charging because you carry it along all day. The first thing you look for when get up is the phone. Not because it is your need but it actually connects you with your loved ones.
Imagine if you are at the most awaited party or a formal get together where you get a chance to meet your favorite celebrity or an important person, you might get a chance to capture the moment. But the question is that your cell should be on because of battery failure. It will ruin your mood and you will definitely look for a photographer around you. What will you do then? You do not need a photographer this time; you need all in one Miikey Miipower Mini 2200

Features and Look:

It comprises a power display (LED). It has a rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer. It is safe and light in weight. It is a white colored Power Bank and a charger. A data cable comes with it additionally which supports a fast and a rechargeable battery life. A car charger adapter and a built-in are in a demand now. It could be kept anywhere easily as its size is 7x2x5 inches and is carefully designed for our customers. It is ideal for a fast charging and to speed up the battery life of your Phone. Made-up of a double circuit and Miikey Miipower Mini 2200 is made up of a single chip and efficient switch power. It is available for the customers to charge their cell phones in less time.

Easy-Going and Multi-purpose:

Now you can carry the Power bank anywhere and anytime. A multipurpose Miikey Miipower Mini 2200 great for outings and when you cannot find a suitable place to plug-in the charger because you cannot leave the room and it is considered to be the sign of distraction, if a person engages himself or herself n finding possible sockets to get its phone charged. Therefore, it is in a small size and you can carry it in your pocket to avoid any discomfort while your battery goes down. You will also see that after your cell phone being charged from Miikey Miipower Mini 2200 the battery will not be consumed quickly.

Benefits and Attainment:

Now you can have it in an amazing price and additional $3 off will make you feel pleasant as this is something you will have for a long time and everywhere you travel you will have it along for an instant battery solution. There are many benefits of Miikey Miipower Mini 2200 because its LED display and easygoing size will not let you look for a long cable charging which is time consuming and less result oriented. A car charging adapter can be taken anywhere to surf, capture and meet the people around the world through a cell phone. It also has anti-flaming hull and has a good life to keep you connected and updated.

Miikey MiiSport C Blue Wireless Headphone

Miikey MiiSport C Blue Wireless Headphone
Do you want to feel lost in the world of music? If yes! Then hands on your favorite numbers and a Roadside Romeo walk will make your day cold and night pleasant. A wireless and a Bluetooth connectivity enabled Miikey MiiSport C Blue Wireless Headphone is a cool Silver gadget for the people who think party begins with no reason and music is the essence in it.
Whether you exercise or you go somewhere the ultimate way of kicking the boredom out of your life is through listening. Yes! The more you listen the more you feel engaged. Now you will not unknot the wire as it is too time consuming and irritating. Keeping all the considerations and preferences; in the world of digitalization through this exotic gadget, you will now make calls, switch to your favorite channels in high definition music.
Features and Look:
It is the greater sound and a greater technology which provides you a wireless engagement with the people on call and stepping into the instrumental zone. Miikey MiiSport C Blue Wireless has Bluetooth, LED Volume changing option, Pause option, and Rewind option. It is also Sweat-resistant, has a Built-in Microphone and two-device connectivity at a single time. Miikey MiiSport C Blue Wireless Headphone holds the connectivity of Bluetooth 4.0 from 33 feet. The best part of is that it has a Deeper Bass and a Rechargeable battery. It has a strong battery life and its stylish silver body is something you need to have for metallic vibes to remain active.
Easy going and Multipurpose:
Miikey MiiSport C Blue Wireless Headphone is highly recommended to folks who do not want to sacrifice on the clarity of the sound. Plus it is free of commotion or other elements that produces noise. They fit to your head and do not move from the position whether you walk, talk or eat. Hear what you want and whenever you want from this easy-to-carry and travelling essential gadget. Do not forget to get one cool Miikey MiiSport C Blue Wireless Headphone for your friend too as its low price and great discount will give you no reason to share and enjoy the same gadgets for alike-we-stand statement.
Benefits and attainment:
Now do not waste your time by experiencing the poor quality of voice as sacrificing on the Clarity, Bass and Treble by paying additional to the brands that offer same for more. A single Miikey MiiSport C Blue Wireless Headphone is an affordable illumination to your Calls, Music, Bluetooth and Recordings. It is light and traveler`s-best-friend for a memorable journey and to add a mark to your music library through voice solutions and quality frequency. A single Headset is a big no to suspicions of being connected to a number of devices time to time for a favorite track to be played on. Buy now and get additional $3 off on other similar Headsets.